Monday, September 28, 2009


Camera producer from Japan, Ricoh, now introduced their newest digital pocket camera, Ricoh CX 2. This pocket camera have optical zoom 10.7x (20-300 mm) in thin body with thickness 29.4 mm. This camera able to take picture in speed reached 5 fps. CX2 came with special features that founded in previous model, CX1. Some features that immersed in CX2 is Smooth Imaging Engine IV able to get high dynamic range widely quality, also high-speed image processing with CMOS censor. At the same time, this camera brings three new functions, likes big optical zoom lens, high-speed continuous shooting, also used easier auto focus. A new scene-mode also already added, likes high-contrast B&W mode, and miniaturize mode. Ricoh CX2 available by price € 299.99.