Tuesday, September 15, 2009

OneApp for Old Handphone

photo: microsoft.com

Microsoft will release OneApp software that directed for ordinary handphone that useful for provided access to Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger, and another application in one gate. This feature makes handphone able to execute some application but not have ability like smartphone. Most advanced application only compatible with handset from smartphone category. In fact, more than half of population in the handphone world must be accessed Facebook mobile or Twitter mobile. Microsoft OneApp helps people to do things they never done before by their handphone feature. Handphone users can access some popular applications in the same time likes facebook, Twitter, and Windows Live Messanger. Beside that, developer can make adds on application. This application is small enough, size only 150 Kb, and the smaller version only have size 30 Kb. OneApp also included cloud service for delivery to applications need. This means user can access application without save it in the hadphone.


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