Thursday, November 5, 2009

Archos 5 Internet Tablet


One of efforts to compete for gadget brand and market survival in the middle of fast telecommunication and information technology growth is to keep continued upgrading technology with presented there something new. When France company, Archos S.A, multimedia tool and utility producer since 100, introduced new product Archos 5 Internet Tablet (IT) used Adroid operating system, many observers and gadget fans from all over the world surprised. If looks from design and function, Archos 5 IT not different with other similar Archos S.A products. That make Archos 5 IT interesting and different is Adroid operating system makes by Google. Archos 5 IT has size 4.2 inch (diagonal 12.92) and can displayed 800x480 pixel resolution better than iPhone, and can pump out 720p video (including WMV and H.264) over HDMI. Archos 5 IT touchscreen using a resistive, not capacitive panel (used by iPhone) In use, the touchscreen lacks a little of the feather-touch precision we’re used to from capacitive displays, but is still very sensitive for a resistive panel. The sort of sweeping gestures used to flip between the Archos 5’s three homescreen panes are easily made, and the CPU keeps up with the widgets.
Archos 5 IT also used ARM Cortex A8 with computation speed reached 800 MHz, and still fasten than processor that used by latest iPhone 3GSwith computation speed 600 MHz. With the optional DVR Station the device can do VGA TV recording, though you'll probably want to spring for one of the beefy HDD models, which offer capacity up to 500GB, but double the girth of the basic 0.4-inch thick flash player. There's also 802.11n WiFi, a bit of a rarity in portable devices like this, and quite a treat for 2.4GHz-addled city dwellers. Archos Android with storange capacity 32GB SSD version that would sell on the US market for about $380. There's a 8GB version that sells for $250. If you need more storage, you can find a 160GB one for $400 or a 500GB Archos 5 for $500 but the mechanical drive version adds almost 100g to the weight.

Here is another specification:
  • MicroSD port
  • Video formats supported: Mpeg4, Mpeg4 asp@l5 dvd resolution, H.264, WMV (including DRM), M-Jpeg (Qvga), Mkv, Mpeg2, VOB. Most are supported for up to 720p resolution, except motion Jpeg (vga).
  • Audio formats supported: MP3 320K, WMA, WMA DRM, WMA Pro 5.1, Wav, Ogg, Flac, AAC, AC3
  • Direct Audio/Video recording (with optional dock)
  • USB 2.0
  • FM Receiver (RDS)/Transmitter
  • Digital TV (TNT) support in Europe
  • Integrated speaker and microphone