Monday, September 28, 2009


Camera producer from Japan, Ricoh, now introduced their newest digital pocket camera, Ricoh CX 2. This pocket camera have optical zoom 10.7x (20-300 mm) in thin body with thickness 29.4 mm. This camera able to take picture in speed reached 5 fps. CX2 came with special features that founded in previous model, CX1. Some features that immersed in CX2 is Smooth Imaging Engine IV able to get high dynamic range widely quality, also high-speed image processing with CMOS censor. At the same time, this camera brings three new functions, likes big optical zoom lens, high-speed continuous shooting, also used easier auto focus. A new scene-mode also already added, likes high-contrast B&W mode, and miniaturize mode. Ricoh CX2 available by price € 299.99.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

OneApp for Old Handphone


Microsoft will release OneApp software that directed for ordinary handphone that useful for provided access to Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger, and another application in one gate. This feature makes handphone able to execute some application but not have ability like smartphone. Most advanced application only compatible with handset from smartphone category. In fact, more than half of population in the handphone world must be accessed Facebook mobile or Twitter mobile. Microsoft OneApp helps people to do things they never done before by their handphone feature. Handphone users can access some popular applications in the same time likes facebook, Twitter, and Windows Live Messanger. Beside that, developer can make adds on application. This application is small enough, size only 150 Kb, and the smaller version only have size 30 Kb. OneApp also included cloud service for delivery to applications need. This means user can access application without save it in the hadphone.

Blackberry Build Browser


Blackberry seems will have new web browser, after Research In Motion (RIM) announced was acquisition Torch Mobile. Torch Mobile is company based in Toronto, Canada, that have browser with name Iris. Browser developed for handphone based on WebKit, and generally running in Windows Mobile. With this acquisition, RIM as side who take control still continuing to develop Iris browser. So that opened the possibility for Blackberry browser will replaced by browser based on WebKit. WebKit self is open source software that many used for browser-browser at iPhone, Palm Pre, Android, and Symbian S60. This acquisition certainly become value added for Blackberry user, because many of them complained that Blackebery browser is not easy to use like another browsers. This is one reason why many Blackberry users move to Opera Mini that easier.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Parvus Zypad WL 1000


Category by producer as Personal Wrist Computer used with put it in the wrist. It size bigger than common watch, but not really annoying mobility of the users. Parvus Zypad WL 1000 equipped with touch screen with 3.5 inch diagonal display. Small screen able to displayed 640x480 pixel resolution with brightness level adoption automatically, suitable with lightness environment level that used at that time. Used Linux operating system, Parvus Zypad WL 1000 equipped with GPS feature, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, and ZigBee. According to its category Personal Wrist Computer can be used in outdoor environment, this is the reason why this product makes waterproof, dustproof, and room temperature changed. Even big possibility Personal Wrist Computer become not really popular, but fantasy used to be in science fiction story with a mini PC in wrist user seems soon to be new trend in the future.

New Samsung Camera Series


Samsung launched their Dual View camera series that is TL225, TL220, and CL65. Besides two LCD layers, even TL225 and TL220, have smart gesture feature, user interface, with gravity censor that can be activated only with touched LCD front screen. For CL65 even only have one LCD but equipped with sophisticated technology features like geo-tagging, Bluetooth 2.0, DLNA compatibility, and Wi-Fi. Smart feature Face recognition on this camera has ability to detection till 20 faces. User also can be directly upload his photo result or video recording via Facebook, YouTube, Google, Picasa, or Samsung Imaging. Based on Samsung plan, this 12 megapixel camera will available in market in September 2009. That means this month you find in Samsung counter or shop. TLL220 (3 inch touch screen) available with price around US$ 300, meanwhile TL225 that has 3.5 inch touch screen price around US$ 350. High end series CL65 has price no so different around US$ 400.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kodak Zi8

photo :

Kodak launched their newest pocket camera, Zi8. This camera can use to HD video record till 1080p. Before, with their named KodakZi6 and Zx1, only reached the highest quality is 720p. With ability to HD video record till 1080p, Zi8 also equipped with 5 mega pixels camera with 16:9 ratio aspect. Official price for this pocket camera is around US$ 180. Zi8 also has HDMI-out port, and swing arm USB port. The result, user can transfer their data by instant way on Personal Computer (PC) or laptop. Zi8 equipped with 128 MB internal memory. Meanwhile, Kodak already fixed their audio quality with microphone external that clear enough in this camera, because in their previous version Zi6, have no good enough audio quality. This camera will available in market on September 2009.

Economical Google Phone


Beside Skype had been already famous first, Google offered call service via Internet or more known as Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) by Google Voice service. Benefit from this service is you can collect together all number just in under one number and can receive some call in the same time. Google Voice also have many feature and easily to activation, especially if you already had Google account. When registered, you will get one telephone number. After that, put in all number do you have likes cellular number, office phone number, and home phone number. With this way, every time you got call from any number will enter to your handphone. This service added with feature that make you have option to set only receive call only for your listed or certain number. You can also make selection from call with check caller identity first. Another ability from this service are keep you short message service, voice message, and receive or call to some number in the same time.

Office Pulled Nokia

Microsoft and Nokia announced their cooperation to provided Microsoft Office in Nokia handphones. This cooperation is Microsoft effort to expand their software productivity in handphone platform not limited in personal computer (PC) only. This decision takes because Office is one of vital product that had enough influence for Microsoft financial condition. Before that, Microsoft was already exposed their plan to expanded Office version included to the new version with browser based. With this new version, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or OneNote, will still be access by Apple equipments (iPhone or iPod Touch) because this program can running well in Safari browser. Even for the first time Microsoft Office will be access by Linux operating system based computer because this software also can run in Firefox browser. Cooperation between Microsoft and Nokia also have goal to sharpen competition among smartphones by Windows Mobile operating system. Today many handphone users choose Windows Mobile because they get Office application as one of benefit from it.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hi Fi Cellphone


This Hi Fi Cellphone is not a product or at least not realize as an available product in market. Hi Fi is a concept design winner that organized by LG. Hi Fi Cellphone concept model is interesting to concern because today many handset have function as multimedia supported. Some new handset product equipped with qualify speaker to voice reproduction optimum when played multimedia files. Hi Fi Cellphone concept combined mobile handset and headphone functions. With design that have possibility to be a headset. This concept interesting enough, even more practice if used 3.5 mm port jack audio that wide available in handphone handset and connected to headset for better voice quality.